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How to Play

While you could play BINGO as a solitaire game, it wouldn't be much fun. This site is designed to help you play BINGO as a family or party game. First, create your cards by printing out this page. Click the 'make new card' button, and print another page for every player. Then return to this page when everyone has a card and something to mark the number with. You can use buttons if you want to play multiple times with the same cards, or you can mark them up with pencils if you want to print new cards for each round. Mark the 'free' space to start.

Click on 'pick next number' and read off the resulting number in red, prefaced by the letter at the top of the column, e.g., B8 or G59. Each player then marks that number on his/her card if it's present. Keep doing this until someone gets 'BINGO'.

'BINGO' is achieved traditionally by getting 5 marks in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Other variations are:

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