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  • Acme Klein Bottles -- This is a wonderful tongue-in-cheek site for those who appreciate scientific-based humor, or might want to order their own single-surfaced Klein Bottle. Be sure to check out the 'jobs open' page or the engraved portraits of Gauss.
  • Used Textbooks & College Textbooks -- offers used textbooks and college textbooks price comparisons and shopping. You can also view options for selling your textbooks once the term is over.
  • Are you one of the World's Brainiest people? Try this site for some UK-based quiz fun.
  • The Busy Educator's Guide to the World Wide Web -- Marjan Glavac sifts through the reams of information on the net and reviews sites for their usefulness to educators.
  • Tutor Find -- A service to match students with tutors. They cover the whole gamut of subjects and grade levels and will provide a personal tutor to come to your house to work one-on-one with the student.
  • Tutor Bungalow -- Thousands of home tutors, one perfect match!
  • Quiz Factor -- another quiz site you might enjoy.
  • Kid Wizard proclaims that 'Magic Does Exist'. This site includes slimy potions, interactive mazes and games, and printable games for offline time.
  • QuizMatic -- a unique quiz and trivia site by Vincent Treanor
  • The Trivia Portal -- lots of games and links
  • Find Trivia -- links to a variety of trivia sites

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