Anne’s Quiz #21

Words (English)

I opened my Scribner-Bantam English Dictionary to make sure I had the definitions right for this quiz. -- Anne

1. Which word means 'sticky' or 'gluey'?
a) gluteus
b) glutinous
c) gossamer
d) gluttonous
2. Which word means 'wildly excited'?
a) phrenic
b) phantasmal
c) frolicsome
d) phrenetic
3. What does sibilant mean?
a) making a hissing sound
b) having brothers and sisters
c) pertaining to Siberia
d) able to foretell the future
4. Which of these words means 'without money'?
a) impecunious
b) impeccable
c) improvident
d) impunity
5. What type of word is 'the'?
a) adjective
b) participle
c) definite article
d) preposition
6. What does androgynous mean?
a) containing no liquid
b) full of hostility
c) free of echoes
d) having the characteristics of both male and female
7. Which Latin word means 'fisherman' (hint: the root word is still used today in English)?
a) cuspidor
b) fiscus
c) piscator
d) fissus
8. What does tessellate mean?
a) making a valid will
b) angry
c) having tassels
d) use small squares to form a mosaic
9. Which of these words means to dry up completely?
a) desiccate
b) desecrate
c) evaporate
d) dissipate
10. Which of these words implies a mutual exchange?
a) recompense
b) reciprocity
c) munificence
d) mutability


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quiz 21 created 11-12-01