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Anne’s Quiz #22

Giant Pandas

Watch them in action at the San Diego Zoo or at the National Zoo.

1. Pandas are an endangered animal. Approximately how many are left in the wild?
a) 100
b) 1000
c) 10000
d) 100000
2. Bamboo forms 99% of a panda's diet. What else do panda bears eat?
a) grass
b) rodents
c) fawns
d) all of the above
3. How long do offspring stay with their mother?
a) 2-5 months
b) 1 year
c) 2-3 years
d) until the mother dies
4. How much bamboo must a panda eat each day?
a) 1-2 lb
b) 10-15 lbs
c) 20-40 lbs
d) 100 lbs
5. How big is a newborn panda?
a) 4 oz
b) 1 lb
c) 5 lbs
d) 24 lbs
6. What is the greatest threat to the continued existence of the giant panda bear?
a) poaching
b) capture for zoos
c) habitat destruction
d) accidental trapping in traps meant for other animals
7. Where can you see a panda bear in the wild?
a) China
b) Vietnam
c) Myanmar (Burma)
d) all of the above
8. Which zoo hosted Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing?
a) The San Diego Zoo
b) The San Diego Wild Animal Park
c) Zoo Atlanta
d) The National Zoo
9. How long is a panda's tail?
a) 1/2 inch
b) 5 inches
c) 25 inches
d) it doesn't have a tail
10. What is a red panda?
a) A separate but closely-related species that is incredibly cute
b) A rare mutation of the black-and-white giant pandas
c) A panda who has eaten a lot of carrots
d) A panda that has been stolen from a zoo


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