Toys for Tots

Anne’s Quiz #25


Toys for Tots is a wonderful organization. They've been collecting toys at Christmastime for needy children since 1947, Click on the logo above for more info, or just drop a new, unwrapped toy in a bin at one of their many collection points.

1. What is Silly Putty made of?
a) boric acid and silicone oil
b) water, mineral oil, and sulfuric acid
c) water, alcohol, and butyl acrylate
d) acrylic acid, polyurethane, and teflon
2. Which of these toys was invented first?
a) yo-yo
b) slinky
c) legos
d) Barbie doll
3. Who makes the red and yellow Cozy Coupe® Car?
a) Mattel
b) Fisher-Price
c) Little Tikes
d) Lionel
4. What kind of toy are the Ivarsson Brothers of Osby, Sweden famous for creating?
a) wooden trains and track
b) cardboard building blocks
c) porcelain dolls
d) children's puzzles
5. What do Barbie® and Hot Wheels® have in common?
a) They're both produced in Switzerland.
b) They were both created in 1948.
c) They're both owned by Mattel.
d) nothing
6. What is the name of the largest Little People® playset by Fisher-Price?
a) Main Street
b) Discovery City
c) Jet Port
d) Space Town
7. What toy is programmed to tell its owner that he/she has won a sweepstakes contest on January 9th, 2002?
a) "People in Your Neighborhood" See 'n Say
b) Poo-Chi
c) Shrek figurine
d) Tickle Me Elmo
8. What toy is named for a US President?
a) Mr. Potato Head
b) Mickey Mouse
c) Teddy Bear
d) Jacob's Ladder
9. Which of these toys did NOT exist before its associated TV show debutted?
a) Pound Puppies
b) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
c) Smurfs
d) Teddy Ruxpin
10. How many toys did the Marine Corps "Toys for Tots" program distribute in 2000?
a) 520,000
b) 1,200,000
c) 7,300,000
d) 15,800,000


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quiz 25 created 12-20-01