Anne’s Quiz #26


written by Lisa Cooper.

I enjoyed many of these cartoons as a kid in the 80's and 90's. Now I'm into anime, as you can tell by visiting my own web pages! -- Lisa

1. Respectively, what color T-shirts do Heuy, Dewy, and Louie (in that order) of Ducktales wear?
a. Red, Blue, Green
b. Green, Red, Blue
c. Blue, Green, Red
d. Blue, Red, Green
2. Colonel Spigot, Jacques Tourjour, and Oscar Wiggerstomper are all characters who appeared in what show?
a. Garfield and Friends
b. Darkwing Duck
c. Tale Spin
d. Pinky and the Brain
3. Goof Troop took place in what city?
a. Forkertown
b. Spoonerville
c. Knifington
d. Springfield
4. In Freakazoid!, Jeff Bennett did NOT voice which of the following characters?
a. The Lobe
b. Cave Guy
c. Candle Jack
d. The Huntsman
5. What show's theme song included "He's my friend and a whole lot more"?
a. Captain Planet
b. Denver, The Last Dinosaur
c. Care Bears
d. A Pup Named Scooby-Doo
6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was renamed what in the UK?
a. Super Turtles
b. Justice Turtles
c. Wonder Turtles
d. Hero Turtles
7. What is the name of the Chipmunks' babysitter?
a. Ms. Milton
b. Ms. Mueller
c. Ms. Miller
d. Ms. M.
8. How many episodes of Rainbow Brite were made?
a. 13
b. 20
c. 26
d. 40
9. Disney likes to make TV series based (loosely) on its movies. Which of the following cartoons takes place after in time (rather than before) the movie?
a. Aladdin
b. The Little Mermaid
c. Hercules
d. The Jungle Book
10. Before simply becoming My Little Pony, the cartoon was called My Little Pony and Friends and included a suite of shows. Which show was NOT featured along with the ponies?
a. The Glow Friends
b. Lady Lovelylocks
c. Moondreamers
d. Potato Head Kids


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quiz 26 created 1-18-02