Anne’s Quiz #29


My daughter is working on a hyperstudio project for school. Her chosen subject is sharks, so I thought I'd do a quiz on them in her honor.

1. Which is the largest living fish?
a) Great White Shark
b) Whale Shark
c) Tiger Shark
d) Megamouth Shark
2. What provides buoyancy for sharks?
a) a large liver
b) a swim bladder
c) pockets of air under their skin
d) nothing
3. How do sharks reproduce?
a) They lay an egg case, known colloquially as a 'Mermaid's Purse'.
b) They lay their eggs internally; the embryos feed off the yolk sac, and are born live.
c) They lay their eggs internally; when the yolk sac runs out, the embryos draw extra nourishment from uterine milk.
d) all of the above
4. How fast can the fastest shark swim?
a) less than 5 mph
b) 7-10 mph
c) 12-18 mph
d) greater than 20 mph
5. Which of these groups developed before sharks?
a) dinosaurs
b) homo sapiens
c) flowering plants (angiosperms)
d) cockroaches
6. What is special about shark teeth?
a) Once lost, they can't be replaced.
b) They are actually fins, specially strengthened to function as teeth.
c) They are replaced conveyor-belt style, moving to the front from the back, instead of one-on-one, like humans do.
d) Shark pups can't grow teeth until they are 2 months old.
7. Which of these creatures is also considered a shark?
a) skates
b) electric rays
c) stingrays
d) all of the above
8. Where does the Polkadot Batfish get its name?
a) It's shaped like a bat and covered with dots.
b) It moves like a bat and the person who first identified it was wearing polkadots.
c) It's nocturnal and schools of them look like polkadots in shallow water.
d) No one knows.
9. In the United States, what is the relative risk of being killed by a shark compared to being killed by lightning?
a) the same risk for both
b) lightning is much more dangerous
c) sharks are much more dangerous
d) no one is killed by either lightning or sharks
10. Which city has an NHL team called The Sharks?
a) Toronto, Ontario
b) Seattle, Washington
c) Portland, Oregon
d) San Jose, California


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quiz 29 created 2-11-02