Anne’s Quiz #29

Tom Clancy Novels

These best-selling novels are amazingly detailed and realistic in their scenarios. Having worked in the defense industry during the cold war, I particularly enjoyed reading the ones featuring the Russians, but they're all good.

1. What is the 'Cardinal' in The Cardinal of the Kremlin?
a. a bird
b. a church official
c. a red book
d. a spy
2. Why did Captain Ramius defect to America?
a. He was paid a large bribe by the CIA.
b. He wanted a better life for his family.
c. His wife had died as a result of incompetent Soviet medical treatment.
d. His sons were killed in Afghanistan fighting the rebels.
3. Who did Jack Ryan keep from being killed on a London street?
a. The Prince of Wales and his family.
b. His wife, Cathy.
c. His daughter, Sally.
d. Dan Murray, an FBI agent.
4. In which book does an airplane crash into the Capitol building?
a. Debt of Honor
b. Without Remorse
c. Hunt for Red October
d. Rainbow Six
5. What does John Kelly have 'no remorse' for in Without Remorse?
a. killing drug dealers
b. getting involved in Colombian politics
c. taking a job at the CIA
d. forcing the head of the KGB to defect
6. For how long is Jack Ryan Vice President of the United States?
a. 5 minutes
b. 2 days
c. 5 months
d. He is never the Vice President.
7. What did Jack Ryan do before joining the CIA?
a. He traded stocks.
b. He was a marine.
c. He taught history at Annapolis.
d. All of the above.
8. Why do the Soviets go to war in Red Storm Rising?
a. They want to unify Germany under their rule.
b. They were attacked by the Germans.
c. They need better access to the Atlantic Ocean for their merchant fleets.
d. They need oil.
9. Who recruited Jack Ryan to work for the CIA?
a. James Greer
b. President Durling
c. Mary Pat Foley
d. John Clark
10. Where do the terrorists get a nuclear bomb in Sum of All Fears?
a. They hijack one on its way to be dismantled.
b. It was found in a farmer's garden.
c. Former East German operatives give them one.
d. They infiltrate the Israelis and steal one.


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