Anne’s Quiz #31


Having just purchased my first flat of strawberries for the season, I was inspired to research this topic. I discovered some interesting facts. I hope you enjoy them, too. Pictured to the right are some of our home-grown Granny Smith apples.

1. Where did the pineapple originate?
a) Hawaii
b) Brazil
c) Cuba
d) Eqypt
2. What is one method to lose the astringency of persimmons?
a) peel and dry the fruit
b) soak in salt water
c) keep in refrigerator for a week
d) nothing gets rid of the astringency
3. Which vitamins/minerals are strawberries full of?
a) vitamin C
b) folic acid
c) potassium
d) all of the above
4. Which of these fruits should you not put in Jello?
a) fresh pineapple
b) strawberries
c) bananas
d) cherries
5. What is the most cultivated fruit in the world?
a) plums
b) apples
c) bananas
d) grapes
6. Prunes start off as what fresh fruit?
a) pears
b) nectarines
c) plums
d) peaches
7. About how many seeds does a strawberry have?
a) 1
b) 40
c) 200
d) 2000
8. Which of these fruits does not grow on trees?
a) loquat
b) kiwifruit
c) quince
d) persimmon
9. Where does most of the United States' orange juice come from?
a) Florida
b) Brazil
c) California
d) Mexico
10. Where did Cling Peaches get that name?
a) Howard Cling first cultivated them.
b) The fruit clings to the tree and can be difficult to harvest.
c) They were first cultivated in Cling County, Ohio.
d) The fruit clings to the pit.


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quiz 31 created 3-5-02