Anne’s Quiz #33

US Geography

My parents love to travel and made a point of taking their children to all 50 states before we graduated from high school. It was quite an adventure. We drove for most of the project, including Alaska in 1969, but had to fly to Hawaii in 1972. Actually seeing the land is perhaps the best way to really appreciate the vastness and diversity of our country.

1. The Chesapeake Bay is in what state?
a) Maryland
b) North Carolina
c) Florida
d) New York
2. What is the smallest state in area?
a) Rhode Island
b) Delaware
c) Hawaii
d) Vermont
3. Part of which state is known as the 'Upper Penisula'?
a) New York
b) Pennsylvania
c) Florida
d) Michigan
4. What is the highest elevation in Florida?
a) 50 feet
b) 345 feet
c) 512 meters
d) 1014 meters
5. What forms the western border of Kentucky?
a) The Ohio River
b) The Mason-Dixon Line
c) The Mississippi River
d) The Appalachian Mountains
6. Which state is at the geographical center of the North American Continent?
a) Colorado
b) Illinois
c) North Dakota
d) Texas
7. What four states come together at 'Four Corners'?
a) New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona
b) Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Wyoming
c) New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland
d) Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California
8. In which state is the Grand Canyon?
a) New Mexico
b) Arizona
c) Utah
d) Colorado
9. California is home to which of these trees?
a) world's oldest living trees
b) world's tallest trees
c) world's biggest trees
d) all of them
10. Which state contains the Nation's Capital, Washington, DC?
a) Maryland
b) Virginia
c) New York
d) none of the above


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