Anne’s Quiz #35

Board Games

1. Which of these letters is worth the most points in Scrabble?
a) Q
b) B
c) J
d) X
2. Which of these characters is closest to the finish in Candyland?
a) Queen Frostine
b) Princess Lolly
c) Grandma Nut
d) Mr. Mint
3. In Chutes and Ladders, what is the purpose of the 'chutes'?
a) to send another player back to the beginning
b) to skip ahead 3 spaces
c) to 'shoot' a player to the top
d) to move back a number of spaces
4. What is the object of the game Risk?
a) taking over Europe in the 14th century
b) taking over the world
c) retiring with over $1 million
d) collecting the most daredevil stunts
5. What do you use a Ouija board for?
a) spanking the losing player
b) mystically generating answers to players' questions
c) building a tower
d) as a level surface for drawing pictures
6. Which of these is NOT a category in the genus edition of Trivial Pursuit?
a) literature
b) history
c) science
d) math
7. Who invented Monopoly?
a) Charles Darrow
b) Lizzie Magie
c) Parker Brothers
d) Charles Todd
8. How old is the game Mancala?
a) at least 2,500 years
b) 1,000 years
c) 500 years
d) 100 years
9. Which of these is NOT a character in the game Clue?
a) Miss Scarlet
b) Col. Mustard
c) Dr. Brown
d) Professor Plum
10. How many squares are there on a Chess board?
a) 48
b) 64
c) 100
d) 144


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quiz 35 created 4-2-02