Anne’s Quiz #36


Since I am a Hubbell and a member of the Hubbell Family Historical Society, I thought it would be fun to present these miscellaneous facts about the family. It's a very diverse group and some of its members have captured the limelight from time to time.

1. What was the nickname of famous baseball player, Carl Hubbell?
a) The Dodger
b) The Whiz
c) The Meal Ticket
d) Slider
2. What is Hubble's Red Shift?
a) a red dress
b) a doppler shift in observed color of light from distant stars
c) a distant nebula
d) an effect of quasars
3. For whom is the Hubble telescope named?
a) Edwin Hubble, astronomer
b) Carl Hubbell, baseball player
c) John Hubbell, radiation physicist
d) Alan Hubble, astronaut
4. Where does the family name come from?
a) working on wheel hubs in the middle ages
b) Hubba the Dane, a Viking
c) the phrase, Hubba Hubba
d) an ancient Persian word for leaves
5. What does Hubbell, Inc., specialize in?
a) atronomical instruments
b) genealogy
c) law
d) electrical equipment
6. What was named for Frederick M. Hubbell of Des Moines, Iowa, in 1911?
a) an elementary school
b) a law of physics describing planetary motion
c) a medical procedure for saving eyesight
d) a newspaper
7. In what state can you find Don Lorenzo Hubbell's Trading Post?
a) New Mexico
b) Wyoming
c) South Dakota
d) Arizona
8. What was the theme for most of Charles Hubbell's famous paintings?
a) mountains
b) airplanes
c) people
d) children
9. Truman Mallory Hubbell is called the original 'Deerslayer' in Walter Hubbell's 1915 History of the Hubbell Family and was the owner of the rifle 'Killdeer'. What famous author was he acquainted with?
a) James Fenimore Cooper
b) Washington Irving
c) Ernest Hemingway
d) Henry David Thoreau
10. What international group was founded by John H. Hubbell and A. M. Ghose in 1985?
a) World Health Organization
b) International Radiation Physics Society
c) International Arborists Association
d) Hubbell Family Historical Society


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