Anne’s Quiz #37


With Arbor Day (April 22) almost upon us, we should all pay attention to this vital element of our environment. I love trees for the sense of continuity and history that they convey. You have to take a long term view when planting trees and trees have seen many events come and go. The giant sequoia tree to the right is one of the few remaining in the Big Stump area near Grant Grove in Sequoia National Park.

1. Which tree is the oldest living thing on our planet?
a) Giant Sequoia
b) White Oak
c) Bristlecone pine
d) Bluegum Eucalyptus
2. How many trees are needed to offset the carbon dioxide emissions from the average US-operated family car?
a) 1-3
b) 13-20
c) 40-50
d) ~100
3. What part of the tree is used to make maple syrup?
a) sap
b) leaves
c) roots
d) wood
4. In what state was Arbor Day first celebrated?
a) Nebraska
b) Michigan
c) Alaska
d) Pennsylvania
5. The General Sherman Tree, a Giant Sequoia, is considered the largest tree (by volume) in the world. How broad is it at the base?
a) 5 feet
b) 3 meters
c) 7.3 meters
d) 11.1 meters
6. The Banyan Tree begins as an epiphyte. What does this mean?
a) It grows as an air plant, not rooted in the soil.
b) It has multiple trunks.
c) It grows in a swamp.
d) It needs the heat of a forest fire to germinate.
7. Who is famous for sitting under a Bo tree, also known as a Peepul tree, and meditating?
a) Jesus Christ
b) Siddhartha Gautama
c) Rabindranath Tagore
d) Confucius
8. What concept did Sir Issac Newton think of as a result of an apple falling?
a) gravitation
b) Force = Mass x Acceleration
c) electricity
d) E=mc2
9. What tree was formerly used by tribes in Senegal and Zimbabwe as a burial site?
a) Mangrove
b) Ebony
c) Jacaranda
d) Baobab
10. Gymnosperms are a class of plants that usually (but not always) have needles that stay green throughout the year. What does 'gymnosperm' literally mean?
a) green point
b) pine tree
c) coniferous
d) naked seed


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