Anne’s Quiz #38

The Linen Closet

1. What type of fiber is linen made from?
a) cotton
b) hemp
c) flax
d) willow bark
2. From what type of animal does mohair come?
a) sheep
b) goat
c) llama
d) rabbit
3. Which of these methods is most effective to prevent moths from destroying wool fabrics?
a) dry cleaning and storing in plastic bags
b) packing one moth ball with each item
c) packing with cedar chips
d) shaking out items every 6 months
4. What is the typical thread count per inch for percale sheets?
a) 50-70
b) 100-140
c) 180-200
d) 250-300
5. What is special about a Swedish Huck Towel?
a) It's soft.
b) It's embroidered.
c) It's extra large.
d) It's imported.
6. How long is a twin extra long bed, commonly used in college dorms?
a) 50 inches
b) 65 inches
c) 75 inches
d) 80 inches
7. How many eiderdown quilts were aboard the Titanic?
a) none
b) 100
c) 800
d) 3000
8. Which of these man-made fabrics was created first?
a) rayon
b) nylon
c) polyester
d) spandex
9. What was the name of the container that a prospective bride used to store her linens 100-200 years ago?
a) hope chest
b) cedar chest
c) clothes press
d) trousseau
10. Why is some cotton 'mercerized'?
a) to make the dye work better
b) to make the fabric fluffy
c) to make the threads smaller
d) to increase luster


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quiz 38 created 5-2-02