Anne’s Quiz #43


1. Which of these animals is NOT a marsupial?
a) possum
b) bilby
c) squirrel
d) sugar glider
2. What distinguishes a marsupial from other mammals?
a) females have a pouch in which newborn babies develop further
b) they are deaf
c) they are nocturnal
d) they are strictly vegetarian
3. What is the largest marsupial?
a) red kangaroo
b) koala
c) possum
d) bandicoot
4. On which continent did marsupials first appear?
a) Australia
b) Asia
c) Antarctica
d) North America
5. How much does a typical ningaui weigh?
a) 12 grams
b) 1 kilograms
c) 13 kilograms
d) 25 kilograms
6. What is the average population of red and grey kangaroos in Australia?
a) 10,000
b) 50,000
c) 670,000
d) 20 million
7. What is a group of kangaroos called?
a) pod
b) band
c) gaggle
d) mob
8. Which of these items is NOT comsumed by Tasmanian Devils?
a) roadkill
b) bones
c) echidna quills
d) fur
9. What does the name 'koala' mean?
a) bear
b) no drink
c) eucalyptus
d) cuddly
10. What does a platypus use to sense its prey?
a) eyes
b) ears
c) smell
d) electro-receptor system


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quiz 43 created 6-1-02