Anne’s Quiz #44


How many of these medicines are hiding in your cabinets?

1. What is the active ingredient in Tylenol?
a) aspirin
b) acetaminophen
c) ibuprofen
d) titanium dioxide
2. What is the approximate lethal dose of aspirin in terms of regular-strength (325mg) tablets?
a) 20-50
b) 100-150
c) 500
d) none -- it's not poisonous
3. What is the original herbal source of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin)?
a) feverfew (bachelor's buttons)
b) goldenseal
c) willow bark
d) hawthorn
4. What is Syrup of Ipecac useful for?
a) inducing vomiting
b) reducing fever
c) easing sunburn
d) soothing a sore throat
5. Which of these drugs may be taken for depression?
a) Zoloft
b) Prozac
c) Paxil
d) all of the above
6. What is amoxicillin used to treat?
a) gonorrhea
b) ear infections
c) respiratory tract infections
d) all of the above
7. What are antihistamines good for?
a) blocking allergic reaction
b) relieving cold symptoms
c) keeping alert
d) improving circulation
8. How do decongestants work?
a) constricting blood vessels
b) opening blood vessels
c) drying up mucous
d) attacking the virus
9. Why might you need to carry an anaphylaxis kit?
a) to suck out venom from a snake bite
b) to bandage large wounds
c) to counteract an allergic reaction to bee stings
d) to prevent dehydration
10. Which of these products might you use to ease the itching of poison ivy rash?
a) calamine lotion
b) aspirin
c) honey
d) neosporin


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quiz 44 created 7-8-02