Anne’s Quiz #45


I took this picture at UC Santa Barbara in January 2002.

1. Who first coined the word 'photography'?
a) Louis Daguerre
b) William Henry Fox Talbot
c) Sir John Herschel
d) Leonardo Da Vinci
2. How long is a typical daguerreotype exposure?
a) 1 second
b) 10 seconds
c) 30-40 seconds
d) 2-8 minutes
3. How is 'f-stop' defined?
a) ratio of focal length of lens to aperture diameter
b) shutter speed
c) ratio of effective distance of subject to real distance
d) ratio of size of film to aperture diameter
4. What does 'SLR' stand for when describing a camera?
a) Single Lens Reflex
b) Single Light Reading
c) Simple Level Release
d) Second Light Reflection
5. What is the 'normal' lens size (focal length) for 35mm film?
a) 35mm
b) 50mm
c) 80mm
d) 140mm
6. Which of these companies does NOT make color print film?
a) Agfa
b) Kodak
c) Olympus
d) Fuji
7. What is the Bayer Mosaic pattern in a digital camera?
a) the distortion due to a wide-angle lens
b) the arrangement of colored pixels on the CCD
c) the noise that shows up in blue sky images
d) the aspirin you have to take after a full day of photography
8. Why is digital zoom somewhat meaningless in a digital camera?
a) all zooms are digital in a digital camera
b) it requires a special lens that must be purchased separately
c) it merely interpolates between the information already recorded, something an image-editing program can also do.
d) it requires the photographer to step closer to the subject
9. What does CCD stand for in a digital camera?
a) Charge-Coupled Device
b) Color Capacity Developer
c) Computer-Capable Device
d) Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (Catholic religious education)
10. What does ISO stand for in film speed?
a) Infrared Sensitive Operative
b) Incremental Sensor Objects
c) International Standards Organization
d) Infrared Space Observatory


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quiz 45 created 7-23-02