Anne’s Quiz #47


Photo at right was taken by Peter Chew of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. [Used with permission] It's a honeybee collecting pollen. Peter has many other marvelous pictures on his website. He obviously has a good eye and a good macro lens for his camera!

1. Which of these characteristics do all insects share?
a) 6 legs
b) complete metamorphosis
c) wings
d) all of the above
2. How many species of insects have been identified and documented?
a) 10,000
b) 90,000
c) 400,000
d) 800,000
3. Which insect can lift 300 times its own weight?
a) ant
b) grasshopper
c) honeybee
d) aphid
4. How long do dragonfly larvae live in water before emerging as adult dragonflies?
a) 2 hours
b) 5 days
c) 8 weeks
d) over a year
5. What unusual characteristic do aphids have?
a) they reproduce without a male
b) they give birth to live young
c) they are generally wingless, but occasionally winged ones appear
d) all of the above
6. What is a periodic cicada?
a) an insect that lives most of its life underground and only emerges into the air periodically
b) an insect that feasts on periodicals (magazines)
c) a migratory insect that travels the same path every year
d) a small beetle that resembles a period
7. Why are butterflies rarely seen caught in spider webs?
a) They are smarter than the average fly.
b) Their wings are covered with easily-detached scales which they leave behind when escaping.
c) Spiders don't build their webs where butterflies are normally found.
d) Spiders don't like the taste of butterflies, so they release them.
8. Which insect helped form the Haitian Republic in 1803?
a) mosquito
b) fly
c) wasp
d) ladybug
9. Which of these diseases is spread by insects?
a) malaria
b) cholera
c) bubonic plague
d) all of the above
10. Which of these is NOT an insect?
a) praying mantis
b) black widow spider
c) honey bee
d) cockroach


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quiz 47 created 10-28-02