Annes Quiz #54

Santa Claus

Santa, also known as Father Christmas, Father Frost, Joulupukki, Kris Kringle, Pre Nol, Sabdiklos, Saint Nicolas, Sancte Claus, Sinter Klaas, and Weihnachtsmann, is a wonderful part of Christmas. It's hard to imagine the holiday without him. But how much do you know of this legend?

1. According to the Catholic Church, who was the original prototype for Santa Claus?
a) The Catholic Bishop of Myra in the 300's.
b) The Teutonic God Hold Nickar
c) The Greek God Poseidon
d) The Italian Befana
2. How did Santa come to the United States?
a) he was here to begin with as an Indian legend
b) with the pilgrims in 1620
c) with the Dutch in the late 1600's
d) with the Irish during the 1800's
3. Who played the replacement Santa Claus in the movie The Santa Clause?
a) Tom Cruise
b) Tim Allen
c) John Travolta
d) Kevin Sorbo
4. What company's ads crystalized our image of a bearded, plump santa in a red suit?
a) Coca-Cola
b) WalMart
c) Nabisco
d) Avon
5. Where did Santa acquire 'eight tiny reindeer'?
a) The horses of legend tranmuted to reindeer in Finland.
b) Father Frost in Russia prefers reindeer to oxen for pulling his sleigh.
c) The puritans rejected aristocratic horses, but had to have something to pull the sleigh.
d) Clement C. Moore introduced them in the poem, The Night Before Christmas.
6. What government agency claims to report Santa's progress on Christmas Eve?
c) CIA
d) FBI
7. In the poem, The Night Before Christmas, by Clement C. Moore, what is Santa?
a) an elf
b) a man
c) a fairy
d) a spirit
8. To which newspaper did Virginia O'Hanlon send her famous question, "Is there a Santa Claus?"
a) The Washington Post
b) The Los Angeles Times
c) The New York Sun
d) The London Times
9. In Canada, what is Santa's zip code?
b) H0H 0H0
c) NP2003
d) 000001
10. Which of these animals would not naturally be found anywhere near the North Pole?
a) polar bears
b) reindeer
c) arctic fox
d) penguins


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quiz 54 created 10-20-03