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  • Other Christmas sites:
    Operation Letters to Santa Be Santa to a needy child or just enjoy the rest of the site's activities.
    All About Santa Claus
    Origins of Christmas Essays about Christmas legends and myths.
    101 Christmas Carols I like these e-cards with carols.
    Christmas True/False quiz from the Museum of Hoaxes.
    Santa Land lots of holiday activities and resources, recipes, clipart, crafts, song lyrics...
    How Christmas works from How Stuff Works
    Christmas in Finland - from the home of Father Christmas
    Christmas in Mexico - traditions and customs
    Dicken's A Christmas Carol - read the entire classic here.
    Foreign Languages - how to say Merry Christmas 350 ways
    Christmas cookies - nearly 400 Christmas cookie recipes from all over the world
    Winter Solstice - 4:42am PST on December 21st, 2004. Celebrate this natural rhythm of the Earth.

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    Santa Approves of this site!
    He entered the following in the guestbook:   

    Nice christmas quiz!
    Happy Christmas 2004!
    -- Santa
    Santa Land, USA

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