Anne's Quizzes

Anne's Quizzes


  • Acme Klein Bottles -- This is a wonderful tongue-in-cheek site for those who appreciate scientific-based humor, or might want to order their own single-surfaced Klein Bottle. Be sure to check out the 'jobs open' page or the engraved portraits of Gauss.
  • Used Textbooks & College Textbooks -- offers used textbooks and college textbooks price comparisons and shopping. You can also view options for selling your textbooks once the term is over.
  • Are you one of the World's Brainiest people? Try this site for some UK-based quiz fun.
  • Internet Games Directory -- Links to lots of internet resources for trivia, games, wordsearches, board games ...
  • Bill's Games -- a family-oriented collection of interactive games to keep boredom at bay. Bill makes a point of keeping his site WebTV-compatible.
  • The Busy Educator's Guide to the World Wide Web -- Marjan Glavac sifts through the reams of information on the net and reviews sites for their usefulness to educators.
  • Tutor Find -- A new (4-03) service to match students with tutors. Looks very promising as they continue to add more tutors to cover larger areas of the country. They cover the whole gamut of subjects and grade levels and will provide a personal tutor to come to your house to work one-on-one with the student.
  • Kid Wizard proclaims that 'Magic Does Exist'. This site includes slimy potions, interactive mazes and games, and printable games for offline time.
  • QuizMatic -- a unique quiz and trivia site by Vincent Treanor
  • The Trivia Portal -- lots of games and links
  • -- nice set of quizzes designed for 3rd-graders
  • Find Trivia -- links to a variety of trivia sites
  • Stuart's Quiz Pages
  • General Knowledge -- a UK-based site
  • 101 Christmas Carols -- e-cards for the holiday.
  • Send an email to to get an interesting piece of trivia emailed to you every day (more or less) from John Babina.

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