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Anne's Quizzes

Anne’s Quiz #14

Where in the World?!

1. Where are you if you are standing at the gate at Hopkins International Airport?
a) Cleveland, Ohio, USA
b) Wellington, New Zealand
c) Atlanta, Georgia, USA
d) Devon, England
2. Where are you if you are celebrating Pioneer Day on July 24th?
a) Alberta, Canada
b) Oregon, USA
c) Utah, USA
d) West Virginia, USA
3. Where are you if your area code is 805?
a) Santa Monica, California, USA
b) Santa Barbara, California, USA
c) San Francisco, California, USA
d) San Diego, California, USA
4. Where are you if your area code is 966-3?
a) Beijing, China
b) Canberra, Australia
c) Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
d) Mexico City, Mexico
5. Where are you if you are sipping a soda at Keflavik International Airport?
a) Stockholm, Sweden
b) Helsinki, Finland
c) Reykjavik, Iceland
d) Warsaw, Poland
6. Where are you if you are paying for your hotel room in Balboas?
a) Chile
b) Portugal
c) Venezuela
d) Panama
7. Where are you if the air pressure around you is 14.7 psi?
a) At the top of Mount Everest
b) At the Santa Monica Pier in Southern California
c) In a hot air balloon 700 meters over Paris
d) 800 meters underground in a diamond mine in South Africa
8. Where are you if you are admiring the First Ladies' Gowns exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum?
a) Los Angeles, California
b) Washington, DC
c) New York, New York
d) Chicago, Illinois
9. Where are you if you are meditating at Machu Picchu?
a) In the mountains of Peru
b) In the Black Hills of South Dakota
c) At the headwaters of the Amazon River
d) At a monastery in Tibet
10. Where are you if you are taking photographs of a ptarmigan?
a) At Denali National Park in Alaska looking at a bird
b) At Yosemite National Park in California watching the fish in the Merced River
c) At the Pet Shop in L'Enfant Plaza in Washington, DC
d) Outback in Australia, studying native insects


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