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Anne’s Quiz #3

Emily Post's Etiquette

Can you mind your Ps and Qs? These answers are based solely on the 14th edition, 1984. offers a more recent edition, Emily Post on Etiquette, at a reasonable price.

1. Which of the following is a proper response when asked what you want for Christmas?
a) "Oh, I don't know."
b) "I'd rather you picked something out."
c) "You know I love to cook, and all kitchen gadgets fascinate me."
d) "I'd like a complete set of RevereWare."
2. Which of the following personnel should be tipped?
a) airline flight attendants
b) US Postal Service letter carriers
c) newspaper carriers
d) health club instructors
3. How long should you delay dinner for a late guest?
a) 30 minutes
b) 15 minutes
c) indefinitely
d) not at all
4. Where should overnight guests sleep?
a) at the nearest Motel 6
b) in sleeping bags on the floor
c) in the host's master bedroom
d) in a temporarily-vacated child's room
5. What table covering is best for a formal dinner?
a) none at all - let the beauty of the wood show
b) linen covered with clear plastic
c) lace placemats
d) white damask tablecloth
6. Which of the following is NOT a permissable excuse to not attend a function for which you have previously accepted an invitation?
a) My daughter has the chicken-pox
b) I have to attend my grandmother's funeral
c) My boss invited me to a beach party at his vacation home
d) I have to attend a proposal-writing meeting in Chicago
7. What does "Semiformal" mean on an invitation to a party?
a) men wear tuxedos, women wear long skirts
b) guests should not wear jeans or T-shirts
c) men should wear a vest and tie, but don't need a jacket
d) women should wear a skirt or dress, not pants
8. How much time is recommended for planning a wedding?
a) 3 months
b) 1 year
c) 1 month
d) 6 months
9. When should a baby shower be given?
a) as soon as the parent-to-be discovers she's pregnant
b) 4 weeks before the official due date, so the baby will have all those new clothes immediately
c) several weeks after the baby is born, when both the health and gender of the baby are known
d) on the due date so the expectant mother is as pregnant as she's going to get
10. What are the obligations of a godparent?
a) to make sure the child receives extravagent presents on birthdays
b) to take the child to church every Sunday and help pay for college education
c) to adopt the child if the parents die
d) to ensure that the child receives the proper religious training and is confirmed in his/her faith at the proper time


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