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Anne’s Quiz #4


So you can throw a steak on the grill or a chicken in the oven. But are you really cooking? This quiz is based on "Joy of Cooking" by Rombauer and Becker.

1. Why is cooking at 2000-m elevation different from cooking at sea level?
a) water boils at a higher temperature
b) water boils at a lower temperature
c) oil boils at a lower temperature
d) the air is thinner and can't transfer the heat as well
2. When making pickles, what may be added to improve crispness?
a) bubble gum
b) salt
c) grape or cherry leaves
d) pimentos
3. How can you tell when jelly is gelling and ready to pour into canning jars?
a) the liquid mixture becomes difficult to stir
b) the liquid mixture will drip from a spoon in a single sheet instead of separate drops
c) let a drop of water fall on the liquid mixture; if it sinks, the jelly isn't ready yet
d) cook the liquid for precisely 27 minutes
4. What is a "Baked Alaska?"
a) a summer treat consisting of a chilled watermelon half covered with baked meringue
b) an appetizer made from baked 1" cubes of salmon and 'snowballs' of coconut meringue
c) a traditional Eskimo dish made from whale blubber
d) a dessert consisting of ice cream on cake covered with meringue and baked for a few minutes
5. Which of the following is NOT recommended for high-altitude baking?
a) raise the baking temperature 25 degrees
b) don't use eggs
c) decrease the amount of baking powder
d) increase the liquid content
6. How much fat must butter have to fit the legal definition?
a) at least 80%
b) at least 50%
c) 100%
d) none is required
7. How big is a peck of pickled peppers?
a) whatever Peter Piper says it is
b) 8 quarts
c) 1 wheelbarrow full
d) 3.7 pounds
8. What is the recommended procedure to open a coconut?
a) pierce the 3 blocks dots at the peak, drain, tap with a hammer all over
b) ask a native Hawaiian to do the job
c) put it in a vise and squeeze until it cracks
d) drop it from a second-story window onto concrete
9. What is the difference between 'perdrix' and 'perdreau' on a restaurant menu describing partridge?
a) perdrix indicates a female bird and perdreau a male one
b) perdrix indicates grouse and perdreau a quail
c) perdrix indicates an old bird and perdreau a young one
d) perdrix is served with white wine and perdreau with red
10. What are sweetbreads?
a) the liver and heart of beef cattle
b) a turkey stuffing made with liver and honey
c) a heavy bread made with honey and candied fruits
d) the thymus and pancreas glands of a calf or mature beef cattle


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