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Anne's Quiz #1

The Solar System

(image to right is from the Hubble Space Telescope, Jupiter with the approaching comet fragments, July 1994 [credits: H.A. Weaver, T.E. Smith (Space Telescope Science Institute) and J.T. Trauger, R.W. Evans (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), and NASA] -- more info on this spectacular event is included in Impact Jupiter by David Levy, one of the discoverers of the comet. I had the pleasure of working with some of the people doing calculations of the impacts.)

Are you a budding astronomer? Let’s find out!

1. What is the approximate circumference of planet Earth?
a) 8000 miles
b) 249000 miles
c) 24900 miles
d) 80000 miles
2. How long does light take to reach Earth from the Sun?
a) 8 seconds
b) 8 minutes
c) 80 milliseconds
d) 8 hours
3. Which planet is closest to the Sun?
a) Mercury
b) Mars
c) Jupiter
d) Venus
4. Between which 2 planets is the asteroid belt?
a) Jupiter and Saturn
b) Uranus and Pluto
c) Mars and Jupiter
d) Earth and Mars
5. What is a shooting star?
a) a distant star that is exploding
b) a distant star in the process of becoming a ‘red giant’
c) a meteor burning through Earth’s atmosphere
d) a UFO
6. What is the ‘Milky Way?’
a) a candy bar
b) a hazy section of the night sky
c) a large cluster of stars in the Pisces constellation
d) the galaxy of stars of which our Sun is a part
7. What is Andromeda?
a) our closest neighboring galaxy, just 2.2 million light years away
b) a type of virus commonly believed to have originated on another planet and brought to Earth by an asteroid
c) the name of the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt
d) Pluto’s moon
8. What is a light year?
a) any year that is not a leap year
b) a year in which the earth experiences more hours of sunlight than darkness
c) the distance light travels in one year - 6 million, million miles
d) the distance from earth to the sun - 90 million miles
9. What is a solar eclipse?
a) the sky darkens briefly as the sun goes behind a cloud
b) the moon gets between the sun and Earth, causing a large shadow
c) the earth gets between the sun and the moon, causing the moon to momentarily disappear
d) the sun’s fire is extinguished briefly, causing a temporary state of darkness
10. Which of Jupiter’s moons is geologically active?
a) Titan
b) Eos
c) Gaia
d) Io


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