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Anne’s Quiz #16

Getting Ready for College

My oldest daughter just started college, prompting an interest in this topic. Are you contemplating higher education? Let's see how ready you are. Much of this is based on my own recent experiences with the application process, but I also used to help jog my memory. The internet has really aided the whole process. Another college board-sponsored site that may be helpful to you is It has sound advice (at least in my opinion) to high school students getting ready for college. And don't forget about your local community college. Transferable college credit can be earned by high school students in some states. In California, the tuition is waived, so it's a very good deal; better even than AP tests.

1. What is the score range for the SAT I math test?
a) 0 - 1000
b) 0 - 800
c) 200 - 800
d) 200 - 1600
2. What does FAFSA stand for?
a) Free Application for Federal Student Aid
b) Federal Aid For Student Applicants
c) Federal Aid and Fair Student Advantage
d) Fair and Free Student Aid
3. How do you enter the contest for National Merit Scholarships?
a) Take the SAT II in the fall of your senior year of high school
b) Take the PSAT in the fall of your junior year of high school
c) Ask your counselor to recommend you to the college board
d) Nothing, your school will automatically submit your grades and standardized test scores
4. Which of these subject is NOT an AP test?
a) Music Theory
b) Art History
c) Latin
d) Chinese
5. What is the average price to apply to a college or university?
a) $25 - $50
b) $10 - $20
c) zero
d) $100
6. Which of these schools is NOT an Ivy League school?
a) Cornell
b) Stanford
c) Dartmouth
d) Princeton
7. Which one of these schools is closely tied to JPL, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory?
a) CalTech
b) Stanford
c) Cornell
d) Princeton
8. Which of these schools offers a guaranteed full scholarship to all National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalists?
a) University of Alaska, Fairbanks
b) University of Texas at Dallas
c) University of California, Los Angeles
d) The Pennsylvania State University
9. Which of these websites offers a scholarship search feature?
e) all of the above
10. What is the EFC?
a) Early Financial Compilation
b) Earnings and Family Contribution
c) Estimated Financial Compatibility
d) Estimated Family Contribution


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