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Anne’s Quiz #7

Historical European Women

Can you match the names to the descriptions?
1. Elizabeth Tudor a. Spanish nun and mystic, author of Interior Castle
2. Christine de Pizan b. Queen of France and then Queen of England. She was first married to Louis VII of France, divorced him, and married the soon-to-be King of England, Henry II. She was the mother of both Richard the Lion-Heart and John Lackland.
3. Jane Grey c. Wife of Richard the Lion-Heart, she is the only Queen of England never to set foot in that country.
4. Teresa de Avila d. Queen of England, The Virgin Queen, 1558 - 1603. She provided strong leadership, refused to marry, kept England safe from the Spanish Armada.
5. Queen Isabella e. Queen for Nine Days (England), her father-in-law claimed the throne on her behalf in a coup. She was overthrown 9 days later and subsequently executed for treason.
6. Eleanor of Aquitaine f. Already a widow and mother of Henry Tudor at age 13; she plotted unendingly and successfully for his right to the throne of England as Henry VII.
7. Joan d'Arc g. French peasant girl who boosted the morale of the armies of the Dauphin with her convictions and visions. They began to win with the Maid of Orleans in their midst. The English captured her and burned her at the stake for witchcraft.
8. Fredegunda h. Widowed Icenian queen who led a great uprising against the Romans in AD 60 in Britain.
9. Boudicca i. Queen of Castile, she was instrumental in leading the Reconquest of Granada and in launching the Inquisition.
10. Catherine de Medici j. This wife and mother of 14 children left all behind to go on a religious pilgrimage from England to the Holy Land in the early 1400s.
11. Lucretia Borgia k. The author of an instruction book for women which detailed how to live an honorable life. She wrote the book in 1405.
12. Empress Matilda l. One of the wives of Chilperic, one of the Merovingian Kings of the late 500s. She is reknowned for hiring assassins to remove her enemies and was generally a strong-minded woman it would be better not to cross.
13. Berengaria of Navarre m. Wife of Henry II of France and mother to three subsequent Kings, she wielded considerable power in 16th-century Europe. She intrigued with the Catholic party and was chiefly responsible for the Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Day on Aug. 23-24, 1572 which initiated the slaughter of perhaps as many as 20,000 Huguenots.
14. Margery Kempe n. Daughter of Pope Alexander VI.
15. Margaret Beaufort o. Her father compelled his nobles to swear to make this woman queen of England at his death. Her insistence on claiming the throne led to years of civil war against her cousin Stephen. As the compromise solution, her son inherited the throne from Stephen.


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