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Anne’s Quiz #13


I found some of these facts in Niall Kelly's Presidential Pets and other info came from a variety of pet care books.

1. What effect does anti-freeze have on a cat?
a) Rubbing it into the cat's fur will repel fleas.
b) Drinking it may cause irreversible kidney damage and even death.
c) It has no effect.
d) Spraying it around your garden plot will keep the cats out.
2. Who was Laika?
a) She was the first creature to orbit the earth, the passenger in Russian Sputnik II, November 1957.
b) She was the first seeing-eye dog, trained in 1943 for the nephew of President Truman.
c) She rescued the survivors of a plane crash in the Alps in 1965 by first locating them and then leading rescuers back to them.
d) She was President Kennedy's favorite pet dog.
3. What common household item is poison for dogs?
a) cat food
b) milk
c) vegetable oil
d) chocolate
4. What strange characteristic do most blue-eyed white-furred cats share?
a) They are all Siamese.
b) They are repulsed by catnip.
c) They are deaf.
d) They are exceptionally friendly.
5. Why do pet rabbits need a block of wood in their cage?
a) To sleep against so they don't feel so exposed.
b) To grind down their teeth by gnawing, since the teeth keep growing.
c) To add fiber to their diet.
d) For exercise hopping up and down.
6. Where did the name hamster come from?
a) It refers to the phrase "ham it up" since the original owner thought that's what his pets were doing.
b) From the German word, hamstern, meaning "to hoard".
c) From the city of Hamburg, where they first were domesticated.
d) The first person to keep a hamster as a pet was a farmer from Indianna and he associated the animal with his smoked hams.
7. When were hamsters first kept as pets?
a) In 1930, because they were useful as laboratory animals.
b) In 1830 a German farmer found a live one in a mouse trap and decided not to kill it.
c) They have been kept as pets since before 1100; Eleanor of Aquitaine is reported to have had one.
d) The Egyptians kept hamsters as pets, so they have been domesticated for at least 4000 years.
8. What is superfecundation?
a) The phenomenon of a litter of kittens having more than one father.
b) The phenomenon of a pregnant female cat coming into heat again.
c) The phenomenon of an elderly female cat (>10 years old) becoming pregnant.
d) It occurs when a female cat that goes into heat twice as often as the norm.
9. What kind of pet did President Jefferson have?
a) A mongrel dog he had found lying on the White House doorstep one Christmas Eve.
b) A monkey given to him by Benjamin Franklin.
c) A mockingbird he named Dick that would hum tunes with him.
d) He didn't have a pet.
10. Who were Nanny and Nanko?
a) A pair of parakeets that Eleanor Roosevelt kept in her room.
b) Nanny was President Harding's dog and Nanko was Mrs. Harding's cat.
c) Two rabbits that formed part of the Kennedy Menagerie in 1962.
d) A pair of goats President Lincoln bought for his son Tad.


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