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Anne’s Quiz #2

The Christmas Story

How well do you know the biblical tradition? All of these facts can be checked in the Christian New Testament.
I love the poetry of the King James Version, but the New Revised Standard Version is a more accurate translation from the older existing texts.

1. Who was the King of Judea when Jesus was born?
a) Cesaer Augustus
b) Herod
c) Alexander the Great
d) David

2. What was the name of the angel sent to tell Mary about her unborn child?
a) Michael
b) David
c) Gideon
d) Gabriel

3. Who did Mary visit while she was pregnant?
a) her cousin Elisabeth
b) her mother
c) her friend Hannah
d) her espoused husband Joseph

4. In what town was Jesus born?
a) Jerusalem
b) Bethlehem
c) Judea
d) Antioch

5. Why were Mary and Joseph away from their home when Jesus was born?
a) they were visiting Joseph’s Uncle Benjamin
b) Mary’s parents had kicked her out for getting pregnant
c) they had to report to the city of Joseph’s ancestors to be taxed
d) Mary knew the prophecy concerning her baby couldn’t come true if they weren’t in the right city

6. Who heard The Angel of The Lord and the heavenly hosts say, "Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men."
a) Handel
b) the Wisemen
c) Mary and Joseph
d) the shepherds

7. Where did Mary and Joseph go after Jesus was born?
a) Egypt
b) Bethlehem
c) Jerusalem
d) Galilee

8. Why did Mary and Joseph leave town after Jesus was born?
a) they couldn’t afford to stay in the inn any longer
b) Joseph had to go home to take care of his carpenter’s business
c) Joseph was warned in a dream that the king would try to kill Jesus
d) they wanted to go home

9. What gifts did the wisemen bring for Jesus?
a) gold, frankincense, and rosemary
b) gold, frankincense, and myrrh
c) frankincense, rosemary, and a goblet
d) frankincense, silver, and gold

10. Which books of the Bible contain the Christmas story?
a) Revelation and Psalms
b) I and II Corinthians
c) Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
d) Matthew and Luke


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