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Halfdome reflected in the Merced River in Yosemite National Park.
[Photo taken by Anne Cooper]

Anne’s Quiz #17

National Parks

My main reference for this quiz is the National Park Service website. They have details on all the parks, monuments, and other sites under their care.

1. Which national park is home to Old Faithful?
a) Yellowstone
b) Yosemite
c) Zion
d) Lassen
2. Which of these parks includes cliff dwellings?
a) Mesa Verde
b) Zion
c) Great Smokey Mountains
d) Mount Rainier
3. Which park is the oldest in the United States?
a) Bryce
b) Yellowstone
c) Yosemite
d) Glacier
4. Of these parks, which is the easternmost?
a) Everglades
b) Acadia
c) Dry Tortugas
d) Cape Hatteras
5. What is the largest preserve administered by the National Park Service?
a) Wrangell-St. Elias
b) Grand Canyon
c) Denali
d) Grand Tetons
6. Why is Big Bend National Park so named?
a) It takes its name from the town of Big Bend, TX, named for a lightning-struck tree.
b) It straddles an old cattle-droving trail where is makes a Big Bend to go around Caspar Mountain.
c) It is situated where the Rio Grande makes a sharp turn or Big Bend.
d) An Indian by that name was instrumental in pushing for the land to be set aside as a park.
7. To which of these national parks can you NOT drive a car?
a) Acadia
b) Channel Islands
c) Arches
d) Capitol Reef
8. Which of these parks is home to at least 14 active (not necessarily erupting) volcanoes?
a) Hawaii
b) Katmai
c) Lassen
d) Haleakala
9. Which of these parks contains the deepest limestone cave in the United States?
a) Mammoth Cave
b) Jewel Cave
c) Rocky Mountain
d) Carlsbad Caverns
10. Bears are a natural part of Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks. Which of the following should you NOT do if you are lucky enough to see one?
a) Take pictures
b) Don't get between a sow and her cubs
c) Look big and make lots of noise if the bear gets too close
d) Try to retrieve any of your food supplies the bear has grabbed


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